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A Message from The Principal

Ms. Mary Castner



Welcome to our Temple Academy Web Site! We hope you are enjoying the information provided on this site, and if there is any item you think would be helpful for parents or students to have located here, please let us know!

Every year, we enjoy creating a theme for everyone to enjoy and learn from. A theme can be a great tool to teach us some important lessons that will guide us in life. This year's theme is about working together to solve problems in our school as well as our local and global community. 

 Learning is rarely easy. It takes focus, perseverance, practice, patience, teamwork, and more. Often, the most worthwhile things that we do, are difficult. As problem solvers, we also learn that kindness, inclusion, acceptance, and listening without judgement or bias can help pave the way to a solution. 

We are proud that in 2016, we were named a GOLD RIBBON SCHOOL and a TITLE 1 ACHIEVING SCHOOL. It was a monumental achievement for our school and community, and it came to fruition with hard work and perseverance. 

We are so glad that you have chosen Temple Academy as your child's school. Please get involved and help us make it the best school and the only one your child will ever want to attend for elementary. 


                            May the 2020-2021 school year be a prosperous and Happy New Year for all!

                                                                                  Mary Castner



Together, we can create a better Tomorrow for our students...!!